Food Awareness - through mindful eating


With this product series I want to challenge our conventions by introducing new behaviour through the usage of tools.

By implementing a mindful behaviour around the dinner table I wish to reach a new level of awareness while eating.

The series contains a soup bowl, a main plate and a dessert bowl - all which address new ways of behaviour, and invites the user to indulge in the meal. 

Note! The glass dome is an existing one bought at Kremmerhuset

Diploma project (MA)




Meresis - green fingers with precision

A herb container that is designed to make the consumer aware of the herb's whole cycle, and emotionally attached to his/her's accomplicment - a fully grown herb. 

The cycle of usage is very inspired by the beautiful bonsai-culture, where percision and emotion towards the growing organism is in the center of attention.


Era - proudly containing tradition

Era is a  food preservation container that is designed to be on display.

The heart if this project is to visualize the love that is implemented into the content. The container should function as a magnifier of the affection put into the making of the food.


Number One - the fertilizer machine

Number One” is a machine that converts your own urine into magnesium ammonia phosphate, better known as Struvite, a clean white fertilizer powder. 

Introducing “Number One” into the private household can build up a better awareness about the value your own human biomaterial can contain.

Every person can be his or her own source of valuable resources by modifying everyday routine. Peeing one time a day in the harvester tool and placing it back on it’s spot on the machine, you get one gram of homemade fertilizer. 

The hidden value of your urine becomes visible through the thriving of your plants.

Designed in collaboration with Alexandra Fruhstorfer and Kay Kender.


Gut Triggers - tools to provoke gutfeelings

By applying the tools on your stomach you stimulate nerve cells that are directly connected to the temporal lobe in the brain. These nerve cells are responsible for your emotions - and by triggering them provoking a certain gut feeling. 

Designed in collaboration with Kickie Chudikova and Lena Gold.



Sonocone - interpreter your gutfeeling

Sonocone is a small personal device that is translating your gut feeling into images.

With the use of ultrasound, it can track nerves, muscular movements and information flow, which is converted into images onto your phone with the help of the SonoApp.

Sonocone is giving your inner voice more importance, improving trust into oneself's intuitive decisions. Apply the cone on your stomach, let it scan! When you are uncertain in situations like apartment search or how your job interview went - Sonocone can be a real help. 

Designed in collaboration with Kickie Chudikova and Lena Gold.


Ninety Plus - a magnifying lamp

Ninety Plus is a semester project in collaboration with Luxo Lighting - creating an magnifying lamp that suited their existing product range.

Inspired by their desk lamp "Ninety" I designed Ninety Plus as a "big brother".

Ninety Plus is perticulary handy for when you need to be precise. The aluminum head is since the head contains LED-lights around the entire frame, creating no shadow on your work.


Fuse - the hygenical disposable cutlery

Fuse is a disposable cutlery designed for protecting the eating area and keep it free from unwanted handling and germs.

Designed in collaboration with William Semb Kempton and Peder Theodor Eskild.


Jazz - and all that jazz

Jazz is a bottle designed specifically for its content - bitter grapefruit juice mixed with tonic water. Its shape indicates the contents taste before you even had a sip - and creates a certain anticipation of this fresh mixture. 

Designed in collaboration with Åsne Kydland, Harald Hermanrud and Øystein Helle Husby.